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makes you stand out and shine in the crowd

The Powerslide Fothon wheel is a revolution in the inline skate wheel industry. The longer lasting Super high rebound PU material gives you a high quality performance wheel with a fast and smooth roll. A series of LED lights will bring light to your skating experience turning night into day. With Fothon wheels you will become the star of the night.
Fothon wheels will come in different colors - look cool and stylish unlike any other LED wheel out there.

Fothon wheels

fothon wheel
120mm crystal clear, 82A
110mm crystal clear, 82A
100mm crystal clear, 82A
90mm crystal clear, 82A
84mm crystal clear, 82A
80mm crystal clear, 82A
76mm crystal clear, 82A
72mm crystal clear, 82A
Product No:
905203 2-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack
905203 4-pack

Along with those LED wheels we have also made LED Fothon light tubes, these can be used as laces, to wrap around the skates, legs, arms or wherever and give you extra security while participating in your favorite sport.

Fothon light tubes

light tubes
- LED laces
- secure function
- extra bright
Product No:
907025 white
907025 red
907025 green
907025 blue

Fothon Board wheels

wheel boards
58x40mm 82A SHR
65x35mm 82A SHR
70x48mm 82A SHR
Product No:
905240 4-pack
905241 4-pack
905242 4-pack

Fothon cones

Fothon Cones
Material mix contains special technology powder pigments; cones can be “charged” in the sun or with artificial light within 10-20 min.; cones glow for about 4 hours
Product No: