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Powerslide Nordic Testcenter

Test the new Powerslide Nordic Skates !

In Germany Powerslide cooperates with different nordic sport arenas, trainers or professional nordic sport shops
to enable customers to test the actual Powerslide Nordic collection.
Don’t hesitate to contact our testcenter and go test the Powerslide Nordic Skates.

Tim Tröschel
08248 Klingenthal
Waldstraße 6
Tel: 037467-22355
Web: www.nordicx.com
Mail: info(at)nordicx.com

Meike Rothhardt
24647 Wasbek
Ehndorfer Straße 17a
Tel: 04321-264700
Web: www.skate-service.de
Mail: info(at)skate-service.de

Manfred Schürmann
47447 Moers
Kiefernweg 10
Tel: 0163-1837201
Web: www.nordic-cross-touren.de
Mail: info(at)nordic-cross-touren.de

55118 Mainz
Wallaustr. 111
Tel: 06131-327-4444
Web: www.x-skating.com
Mail: service(at)x-skating.com

DSV Nordic aktiv
Skiverband Rheinland e.V.
56566 Neuwied
Bachstrasse 1
Tel: 0152/28926702
Web: www.skiverband-rheinland.de
Mail: rpuderba(at)rz-online.de

Maik Hammerschick
63073 Offenbach
Heinich-Krummstr. 20
Tel: 06108/797296
Web: www.hammerschick.eu
Mail: info(at)hammerschick.eu

Dipl. Ing. Frank Röder
64521 Groß-Gerau
Neuweg 1
Tel: 06152-7122234
Web: www.cross-skate-shop.de
Mail: crossskateshop(at)googlemail.com

Ulrich Rüger
82008 Unterhaching
Bussardstr. 26
Tel: +49-89-44 35 41 40
Web: www.activeoutdoor.eu
Mail: Info2015(at)ActiveOutdoor.eu

Erdinger Arena
Skisport- und Veranstaltungs GmbH
87561 Oberstdorf
Am Faltenbach 27
Tel: 08322-8090300
Web: www.erdinger-arena.de
Mail: info(at)erdinger-arena.de

Omnia Sports
Florian Sommerer
95100 Selb
Mühlstraße 7
Tel: 09287-5009770
Web: www.omniasports.de
Mail: info(at)omniasports.de

How to become a Testcenter?

You are a nordic sports arena, nordic sports trainer, a region with great opportunities for nordic skating and want to improve nordic skating in your region with Powerslide rental skates?

Contact us!
Phone: 0049 – (0)9208/60100
Mail: powerslide(at)powerslide.de