Vi World - Innovation

Innovation power -
the motor of our success

Powerslide skates are in many ways the market leaders. It is our challenge to recognize needs and to find innovative solutions to satisfy these needs.


This is the motivation for our research, the reason of our development team, engineers and designers – never quit thinking ahead. This is how products are born that that set standards today and for the future. The new Vi series is a perfect example of this.

In the Vi project, the focus has never been the development of technical novelties, the focus is and will always be, THE SKATER.



Only once an invention offers a tangible improvement and is perfectly integrated into the skate, will stand a chance to become a Powerslide product innovation. Not all innovations are recognized at first, but they are felt and experienced whilst skating. Our passion and our development have the same goal:

Enjoying skating even more - We love to skate - test the new Vi skates yourself!