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Bearings and Spacers by Wicked

wicked bearings

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125mm Brake

Product No: 907029
fits 125mm

Road Hog - Speed Brake

Product No: 907005
fits max. 110mm

allround brake for almost all frames with flat sidewalls; New axle system; replaceable rubber pad; max. 110mm

U.B.S. Universal Brake

Product No: 900531
fits max. 100mm / adjustable in width

allround brake for almost all frames with curved sidewalls; New axle system; replaceable rubber pad; max. 100mm

Urban Brake

Size: S and M
Product No: 908058
made of stainless steel; 3D stamped; TPR rubber pad; size S fitting 72-80mm frames; size M fitting 84-90mm frames

Rubber Pad

Product No: 900021
replacement rubber pad for ROAD HOG, U.B.S. UNIVERSAL & URBAN BRAKE

SUV Heel Brake

Size: one size
Product No: 908038

Cuff Brake

Size: one size
Product No: 908090
height adjustable; angle adjustable; brass brake system; lightweight

Cuff Brake Adapter

Product No:
908091 METRO
908092 Vi
908094 PHUZION

Calf Brake II

Product No: 900745
incl. all hardware; fitting XC Path, XC Trainer and XC Skeleton Skates; fits all Powerslide rollerski frames

Calf Brake I

Product No: 900727
incl. baseplate; fitting XC Trail skates and previous Powerslide nordic skates



Product No:
Holes in cone – wind can go through; Ø 70mm; height 80mm; soft LLDPE material

Fothon Cones

Product No:
Material mix contains special technology powder pigments; cones can be “charged” in the sun or with artificial light within 10-20 min.; cones glow for about 4 hours


Fothon light tubes

Product No:
907025 white
907025 red
907025 green
907025 blue
LED laces, secure function, extra bright

for PS Alu Frames

Product No: 904040|8
allround speed axles with T25 torx system; fits almos all speed frames; incl. PS Tool

for Vi Mag Frames

Product No: 904003
allround axles with T25 torx sytem; fits Powerslide MAG frames

for Vi Carbon Frames

Product No: 500013
hollow speed axles with inside M4 thread; T25 torx system; 16 M4 screws assembly of Vi EVM carbon bars



Product No:
900749/f front
900749/r rear
incl. hardware; fitting Powerslide XC Path, XC Trainer, XC Skeleton; fitting X-plorer and X-Trail 150 rollerski frames

Fender II

Product No: 908039
incl. hardware; fitting X-Trail 110, X-Fire, XC-Superlight


Carbon Poles

Size: adjustable from 130-170mm
Product No: 908089
carbon composite shaft; tungsten tip; 2pc construction; size adjustable; easy to carry

replacement Buckles

1) Product No: 900025
Spider Buckle
2) Product No: 904318
Icon Buckle