Powerslide Reden

Ice Blade

This blade has been developed, designed and made in Holland. Best raw materials and unique manufacturing processes lead to a high performance ice frame that will conquer the long track ice world.
Reden Ice Blades

S / M / L / XL

SMALL, tube length 390mm
bridge with distance between boot screws from 120 to 160mm

MEDIUM, tube length 410mm
bridge with distance between boot screws from 140 to 180mm

LARGE, tube length 430mm
bridge with distance between boot screws from 160 to 200mm

EXTRA LARGE, tube length 450mm
bridge with distance between boot screws from 180 to 220mm

A Blade to love, without any irritations:
  • - No glue that doesn't hold
  • - No springs that break
  • - No bearing house that breaks off
  • - No nuts that loosen
  • - No plastic parts that fall off
  • - No sticking of the wedge
  • - No bang from the clap
  • - Fits with 5 mm or 6 mm boot screws
The blade is designed with aircraft engineering methods. Stress and stiffness simulations and a year of testing proof the quality.

The tube and the bridge are complex shaped solid parts, CNC-machined out of aircraft grade aluminum. The bearing house is integrated with the tube. The special quality plastic wedge is unbreakable connected to the tube with two pins. No shock of the clap thanks to a large diameter elastomeric damper.

The blade is manufactured in Europe out of the best available full-PM tool steel, hardened to HRc 66, and connected to the tube with aircraft grade epoxy glue.

The bearings are stainless steel industrial ball bearings. The steel for all parts except for the blade is high strength stainless steel.