Powerslide Imperial Junior

Freeskate Inline Skates

Freeskate - adjustable
The Imperial Junior with its short 4x72mm set up is the ideal skate for kids who want to learn freeskating. The benefit is the stretcheable liner that grows with the feet and covers three sizes. The skate is rigid, light weight and easy to handle for the kids. Definately a skate the kids want to take off!

34-36 EU / 2jr-4 US

Fiberglass reinforced composite shell and cuff; X-Slot mounting system
expandable liner, grows 2 sizes
Gamma alu frame 219mm
Powerslide Spinner SHR 72mm/85A
Powerslide ABEC 5, 608
grows 2 sizes

Imperial Junior expandable Liner

  • The shell of the Imperial Junior skate is made of composite material. We use fibreglass reinforced copmposite material to make the shell strong and stiff. The base of the mounting blocks is big and wide which provides a large contact area between the frame and boot.

  • The cuff was designed with support in mind. It is made out of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 15% fibreglass, which was mixed into the material. This gives a lot of support and helps young kids to learn to skate.

  • The liner of the Imperial Junior skate is made of very comfortable lycra and mesh materials and added a comfortable innersole. The toe of the liner is made of stretcheable material and grows by two sizes with the foot of the young skater. This guarantees a snug fit no matter which size and doesn’t change any anatomical aspects inside the liner. Our anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle area, but also the tendon area of the shoe to assure the most secure ankle and heel fit. We use a mix of high density EVA foam materials for the padding, which provides maximum comfort.

  • The Imperial Junior skate features round laces which tighten well. There is a self locking buckle on top of the shaft as well as a 45° power strap to keep the foot in place.

  • The Powerslide Gamma frame is made of 6061 aircraft aluminium and is based on a double voided construction. The extra ribs between the wheels increase the stiffness and help to lower the weight. The frame is basically a simplified Alpha frame in order to reach a different pricepoint. The frame therefore is also very stiff and very well balanced. The frame comes with hollow single axles made of steel.

  • Powerslide Spinner wheels are Super High Rebound (SHR) wheels that give the young skater all they need - fast roll, good grip, long lifetime. The hub with the small dots is very strong and durable construction. The size of the hub is matched with the size of wheel needed.

  • Powerslide ABEC 5 bearings have a really good spin. The bearing contains 7 chrome steal bearings and a strong and resistant steel cage. A synthetic oil from Japan is used for this bearing.
Imperial junior

Tech Specs

X-Slot Mounting 165mmm Mounting Aircraft Aluminium