Powerslide Vi Pro Carbon 2.0 3x125mm

Racing Inline Skates

100% Carbon fiber Shell - heat mouldable
For real speedskating pros, developed for and by world champions. Carbon shell, Carbon flap and Carbon Frame; light, stiff and heat mouldable to guarantee perfect fit. The Vi Pro Carbon is the fastest skate Powerslide has to offer.

37-46 EU / 5-13 US

 100% carbon Shell
Clap & Flap system
  Dual Atop system;
patented 360° Vi lacing system
  Triple-X, 12.6" (335mm); 3x125mm
Matter One20five Image; F1
Wicked Ceramic

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  • The Vi-Concept it simple but effective: Clap – Snap – Wrap is how you do it. Open the flap, close it and tighten it by turning the disc knob. This will give you an completely new skating feeling, total control with perfect fit. 360° lacing and the full wrap technology make it possible. The Vi Pro Carbon racing shoe has a unique construction and look. The shell is made out of 100% carbonfibre. Unidirectional carbonfibre and kevlar reinforce the shell where needed. The flap is also made of 100% carbonfibre. All Powerslide and Core Racing shells are heat mouldable due to a special epoxy that is used in our shell construction. SHMR is also known as Super Heat Mouldable Resin which enables us to heatmould the boot at any spot of the shoe as many times as needed.

  • The materials used for the Vi Pro Carbon racing sue are the best from the best. PU-Nanoleather upper material is the highest grade of microfiber leather you can find in the market. Its soft yet very strong and resistant. This outstanding material wraps around the foot like a sock and provides the support and performance the modern skater is looking for. The high quality microfibre that we use for the inside lining is very strong but yet soft to the skin for a nice comfy feeling.

  • Our new 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle and tendon area of the shoe to assure the most secure ankle and heel fit. The new Poron padding is not taking away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. Poron Urethans were originally designed for medical purposes to provide custom foam cushioning and comfort which is essential. We chose a slow recovery urethane for our racing shoes – a unique custom contouring material. This material rebounds slowly when compressed, which results in a custom fit during each use. Features of Poron are:
    - shock absorbing to protect against impacts
    - breathable to keep feet dry and cool
    - maintains cushioning for maximum performance
    - lightweight and flecible for continuous comfort
    This makes the boot more comfortable than any other boot.

  • The Vi pro carbon features a high power disc closure system, which is positioned on top of the flap and additional a second mid power disc closure system, which holds the foot perfectly in place. The Atop disc closure device was developed to simplify lacing systems and to provide benefits that are not granted by traditional closure systems:
    Simple: Anyone can use it, from kids to adults with just one hand to secure the best possible fit.
    2nd Skin Fit: The Atop disc closure system achieves superior comfort and fit with a controlled and balanced closure and avoids any pressure points.
    Micro-adjustable: The Atop disc closure system offers the most precise and accurate fit you can get - fine tuning perfection
    Low in Weight: The Atop system is light and strong It could not be lighter for the power you get out of it.
    Speed Lacing: Easy and fast to put on and off, turn it, tighten it, turn back to open - it could not be easier!
    Security: Once dialled in, Atop never loses tension and gives you the security other traditional lacing systems can not offer.
    Performance: The Atop II disc closure system provides double the power of any traditional lacing system while being flexible and giving the amount of flex you need for perfect performance.
    Easy: The Atop disc closure system offers an easy exchange of wire and parts and is also easy to clean to secure a long lasting performance.

  • The XXX 125mm frame is a masterpiece in frame construction. Unrivalled stiffness to ensure that all of the power is transferred into the ground, so nothing is wasted in the push. The XXX frame is made from 7000 series aluminium. Like all high end frame it allows for the use of pitch and stride control to customize your frame booth set up to enhance your technique to maximize your skating. Also featuring M7 axels and Torx T25.

  • Our Vi Pro Carbon skate features Matter one20five IMAGE wheels. These wheels are made from the highest quality PU in USA. Matter was the pioneer of 125mm technology and the image wheels is the entry into this world. Fast rolling and long lasting. It means that if your looking for performance, you can look no further. For more information on Matter wheels and to see the complete collection vist www.matter-racing.com

  • Wicked (WCD), is a new hardware brand, and the Vi Pro skate features the high end ceramic bearings. For more information on WCD visit www.wicked-hardware.com
Vi Carbon Pro II 3x125mm Skate

Tech Specs

Triskates 360° Lacing Disc Closure System 3D Anatomical Padding Heat Mouldable X-Slot Mounting Stride control Pitch control 195mm mounting
Wheels option