Powerslide X Junior

Racing Boys Inline Skates

heat mouldable
Heat mouldable performance speedskates just became affordable for kids. A high end speedskate at an incredibly low rate. Perfect for those who want to give speedskating a serious try. Thanks to the extra neoprene liner the skate will go two sizes.

32/33; 34/35; 36/37; 38/39; EU
3y/4y; 5y/6y; 7y/8y; 9y/10y; US youth
each size with neoprene liner

heat mouldable
X-frame 10.8"; 4x90mm or 3x100mm
Size: 32/33 10.0"; 34-39 10.8"
Powerslide Infinity
Size: 32/33 80mm, 85A; 34/35 84mm, 85A; 37/39 90mm

3 wheeler
Fun Facts





  • The shell of the X-Junior skate is made of a carbon/fiberglass mix and a basalt fiber outer layer. As a basic material basalt is a black, alkaline extrusive rock. With only 5% higher density than the conventional glass fiber, basalt fiber offers in comparison a 15% higher tensile strength, higher compressive strength and rigidity. Basalt fibers are 100% natural and inert, e.g. they are classified as non-poisonous and non-carcinogenic = 100% eco-friendly. The special layup and mix of fiber materials make the Powerslide shells very strong and rigid. All Powerslide and Core Racing shells are heat mouldable due to a special epoxy that is used in our shell construction. SHMR, also known as Super Heat Mouldable Resin, enables us to heatmould the boot at any spot of the shoe as many times as needed.

  • Even at an entry level, the X-Junior skate is equipped with same nano leather upper found throughout our collection. It is tough and durable, but also flexiable enough to wrap around the foot. To ensure a good fit the X-skate uses waxed laces and a spider buckle, and velcro straps to hold the fore-foot secure. Also sold with a removable liner made of neoprene material that allows the skater to grow into the boot.

  • Our 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle and tendon area of the shoe to assure the most secure ankle and heel fit. The speedfoam used for the padding is another advanced material for our racing shoes. This foam is soft, but not too soft to absorb energy yet very comfortable. Step in and feel comfortable from very first minute you wear the boot. The speedfoam padding does not take away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. This new padding makes the boot more comfortable and enhances in the overall performance.

  • The Powerslide X frame is a light weight, but rigid single voided frame made of 6061 aircraft aluminium. The frame is also very stiff due to its tricky CNC machinering. The frame offers the skater to chose between a 4x90mm or 3x100mm wheel set up. Single axles with torx head and nice graphics are already standard for this entry level frame as well. The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables the skater to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spots according to their skating style and preferences.

  • Powerslide Infinity wheels are Super High Rebound (SHR) wheels that give the kids all they need - fast roll, good grip, long lifetime. The traditional 5 spoke hub is a light weight construction. The size of the hub is matched with the size of wheel needed.

  • Wicked (WCD), is a new hardware brand, and the x jr skate features the ABEC 5 bearings. For more information on WCD visit www.wicked-hardware.com
X Junior Boys

Tech Specs

X-Slot Mounting Heat Mouldable Al Aluminium