Powerslide Race Series

Unisex Protective Gear

This Protective is EN 14120 certified
The Powerslide “Race” set is the most used protective gear set for speedskaters all around the world. The race is especially attractive thanks to its great fit. You don´t feel that you are wearing protective gear at all.

XS, S, M, L, XL
The glove only is also available in size XXS
903114 Set
903148 Knee Pad
903147 Elbow Pad
903149 Glove

The base of the protector is made of a very stretchable lycra sock. The Race series knee and elbow pads are not protectors as we usually know. They don´t feature any kind of foam paddings, because it will make the protector too thick and will hinder the athlete when fighting for the win in the race. It´s more like a sliding pad which is covered by high abrasion resistant kevlar material backed up with lycra to be comfortable to the skin. Silicone stripes hold the upper and lower band of the protector in place.
The upper material of the glove is made of ventilated mesh material. The finger knuckles are protected by some rubber. The palm splint can be exchanged. We use terry cloth on the thumb for sweat absorption. Small loops attached to the fingers of the glove make them easy to take off.