20 Years USD

USD 20 yearsUSD Skates continued from the past years of success as a leader of the pack and became even greater. 2017 is the 20th anniversary of USD Skates and we are celebrating it big time. This year, we are relaunching the USD VII skate with a reworked soul plate, improving rigidity and stability. The USD VII is an affordable, comfortable and reliable hard boot skate, gaining popularity year after year. A great proof for this is world champion Roman Abrate choosing the VII skate as his first upcoming USD pro skate. Targeted originally at beginners and entry level skaters, the USD Sway skate proves to be a much better skate than people thought at first sight. With a slim fitting shell and the high cuff, it provides a great balance between flex and support. Paired with the perfectly designed soul plate, Sway skates have become the skate of choice amongst both beginners and pro riders, including Roman Abrate and Montre Livingston. After mind blowing street parts and winning the 2016 Winterclash on Sway boots, Montre Livingston is receiving the first ever USD Sway pro boot this year with heat moldable MyFit liners and a leather soft-top. There is also a completely new designed USD Carbon Free pro skate for Eugen Enin, who got voted “Skater of the year” for 2016 and hasn’t stopped progressing since. Last but not least, we are releasing a highly limited-edition collection of USD AEON skates, resembling some of our most iconic designs as tribute to the most loyal skaters from the past two decades.


Aeon Allstar

USD Aeon Limited Edition
What a better way to celebrate the 20 years of USD than team up with our most legendary riders to recreate the most iconic USD designs from the past two decades embodied with the release of the most popular skate, the AEON! This is a one time order, special only for the 20 years anniversary. Be sure to lock your orders before they are gone for good! The skates will be released this late summer with the models of Rachard Johnson and Carlos Hardcore Brasil. Something to enjoy, to buy as a collector item or to simply rock them to death.


USD History, bits and pieces

Achievements of USD

• Throne Custom project bringing the industry together, first ever skate to take parts from different brands.
• UFS system made together with Salomon, Kizer and 50/50.
• Replaceable parts and soul plates on Thrones, Psirus and Co.
• Legacy: Adjustable royal and soul plates.
• Liner constant innovation such as the Psirus liner.
• The Transformer was the first adjustable aggressive skate for kids.
• Carbon and Carbon Free aggressive skates, taking the industry by storm.
• The AEON, the first and only unibody aggressive skate, specially optimized for big wheels. Lighter, lower, faster.
• Cooperation with many other brands for frames, wheels, bearings and liners for USD pro skates and limited editions.



The team was and always will be one of the main marketing tools for USD. The first team, still considered the dream team, included members Arlo, Julio, Latimer, Champion, Shima and Gillian is unmatched and can only be possible beaten by the current team with Eisler, Lomax, Abrate, Montre, Farmer and up to now, Franky. Some years ago we had different icons and leaders such as Rachard, Hooi, Carlos and Billy. Those skaters created a generation and we wanted to give them back and follow their footsteps. As those guys are still skating and loving the sport we honored them and the brand with the All star collection. A one time limited edition Aeon skate, bringing back the glory days and memories.



USD is also known for great edits, great social media coverage, an active team that is promoting the brand and has passion for the sport and the brand. But during the time there was for sure one project to stand out, a video that up to know has not been matched and most still consider as the best ever. Coup de Tat, filmed and edited by the best people and filters at that time and featuring the best skaters at this decade. An umatched master piece.