Marvel Iron Man Wave

Item number: 910728

shoe size: 31 - 41

A must have for all MARVEL fans - the Powerslide One Iron Man Triskate. The Powerslide Iron Man inline skate looks like a vintage skate from the last century, but this is a deception. The Iron Man is a pretty modern skate in a cool MARVEL design. It's a super lightweight and supportive adjustable inline skate thanks to the unibody construction which helps to reduce the hardware drastically. The Powerslide Infinity wheels including Wicked ABEC 5 bearings sit right inside the shell lowering the center of gravity for more control and stability. Safer skating is guaranteed with a height adjustable brake featuring a big and wide brake pad. The Iron Man with its rigid shell and comfortable liner is the perfect choice for all MARVEL fans.

Adjustable sizes: 31-34 | 35-38 | 39-41
Name Wicked Abec 5
Sealing RZ
Material Steel
Lubrication Kyodo Grease
Type 608 Standard
Name Powerslide One
Wheel size 84mm, 90mm, 100mm
Wheel hardness 85a
Axles Two-piece axle, Steel
Material Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
max wheel size 100 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm
Frame length varies by shoe size
Frame adjustable not adjustable
Construction Hardboot (with liner), Unibody construction
Flexibility of cuff Moderate
Liner removable
Material Shell Glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) - GFK
Mounting Unibody
Cut High
Molding No
Closure middle Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure top Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure bottom Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Brake HABS (height adjustable brake system)
Extras size adjustable, LED light, Unibody construction
Fit/sizes sizes running true to size