Powerslide Defcon DD 76mm White (4-pack)

Item number: 905170-76

POWERSLIDE DEFCON - the magic 2 in 1 wheel Whilst standard wheels are made of two components - the core and the polyurethane (PU) - Defcon wheels have an additional component. It's a dual density wheel which means that is has two layers of PU in different hardness. The first layer against the core is a softer PU and the outer layer is a harder PU. The soft inner urethane absorbs vibration for a very smooth ride, acting like suspension to take away the harsh impact from jumps. The harder PU on the outside allows for a fast roll. With the Powerslide Defcon wheel you'll get the best of both worlds -  Speed and a very smooth ride. With the Powerslide Defcon 80mm 78A/85A wheel you get the best of both worlds -  Speed and a very smooth ride.

Model Powerslide Defcon
Diameter 76mm
Width 24mm
Durometer 78a, 85a, Dual Density
Division Fitness, Recreational, Urban, Slalom
Bearing standard 608 standard
Core Full core
Radius Bullet
Sold as 4-pack