Powerslide FSK Urban Brake

Item number: 908058HA

Urban brake - the universal brake for max. 4x80mm (size Small), 4x90mm (size Medium) or 3x110mm (Size Large) setups

A lot of skates come without brake. We at Powerslide care about your safety and developed several kinds of universal brakes that can be easily added to your current skates. The urban brake can be used on most common frames in the market. The brake includes all necessary hardware and fits all common 4x80mm or smaller (Small), 4x 84mm or 4x90mm (Medium) and 3x110mm (Large) frames. It takes about two minutes to assemble the brake. The brake pad is made of long lasting NR SBR material, a mix of natural and artificial rubber blends.

Size brake pad one size
Segment Fitness, Training, Workout, Urban
Fitting 4 Wheel, 3 Wheel
Max. Wheel size 110mm, 80mm, 90mm
Mounting distance 82 mm - 84 mm, 92 mm - 94 mm, 112 mm - 137,5 mm
Max. Width of frame fitting 37mm, 38mm, 35mm
Features super long lasting, fast stopping, raplaceable
Housing 6061 AL
Pad Road Hog
Pad Material Natural Rubber / Styrene-Butadiene Rubber NR/SBR
Pad Hardness 85A