Powerslide Frame Trinity Elite casted AL 90

Item number: 520062

The Powerslide Elite casted AL frame with the 4x90mm setup is another masterpiece a lot of skaters were waiting for. The frame is made of high quality A356 aluminum. The frame is built around the wheels adding superior stiffness to the construction. In combination with our patented TRINITY 3-point mounting system this frame can easily compete with CNC frames featuring a regular 2-point mounting. TRINITY frames have a very low stand on the ground, offer outstanding power transfer as well as perfect balance and control during your skating, slides or landing of jumps and also provide reduction of vibrations. Thanks to the X-slot mounting skaters are enabled to shift their frames in all directions for optimized performance. This universal mounting system can be found all across the TRINITY frame collection allowing the skater to just switch frames if he wants to discover other skating discipCollections.
Powerslide Elite 275mm/4x90mm frames are the perfect setup for skater with very large shoe sizes who are looking for a 4 wheel frame or for those who want a faster setup than 80mm and 84mm frames can offer.

Model Powerslide Trinity Elite Casted SL 90
Material AL 6061 aircraft
Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machining
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 9,6" / 243mm
Max. wheel size 110mm
Mounting standard TRINITY 3-point
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM 83,5mm, 94,5mm
Extrusion single voided
Setup 3x110mm
Axle single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25
Bearing Spacer AL floating, 8mm
Spacer built and machined in
Weight 166g
Warranty 2 years