Powerslide HC Evo Pro Trinity

Item number: 908253

shoe size: 38 - 46

Hardcore Evo  - Everbody´s favorite skate goes TRINITY! The revolutionary TRINITY 3-point mounting system is the most sophisticated technology of modern Inline skating. It was just a question of time to update one of our most desirable high end freeskates. TRINITY boosts your performance to another level. Thanks to the lower center of gravity, the better power transfer and optimized balance and control your performance will increase in all aspects. The new Powerslide HC Evo Pro has many stunning features both inside and out. The most obvious change is the TRINITY mounting and the 3x90mm rocker setup. The skate is powered by Powerslide Spinner 90mm / 88A PU-wheels and Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 classic bearings. The stiffer upper and improved flex in the ankle area take this skate to another level. The HC Evo Pro is the only heat moldable freeskate in the market. It's a myth that freestyle skates need 4 wheels. Check out Triskating and boost your performance.

Name Wicked Twincam ILQ 9 CL
Sealing 2Z
Material Steel
Lubrication Kyodo Grease
Type 608 Standard
Name Powerslide Spinner
Wheel size 90mm
Wheel hardness 88a
Axles Two-piece axle, Steel, Single-axle torx, Aluminum, 8mm, Rocker
Name Powerslide Katana Rocker TRINITY
Material Aluminum 6061
max wheel size 90 mm
Frame length 215mm/8.5", 235mm/9.3", 225mm/8.9", varies by shoe size
Frame adjustable Across, Along, TRINITY
Construction Hybrid (built in liner)
Flexibility of cuff M (Medium)
Liner Microfiber, Mesh
Material Shell Carbon, Composite
Mounting TRINITY (3 Point)
Cut High
Molding Heat moldable
Closure middle Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure top Micro adjustable buckle
Closure bottom velcro fastener, Waxed laces
Division Freeskate & Slalom, Urban
Weight (left/size 41) 1395g