Powerslide Icon Wind Trinity

Item number: 904481

shoe size: 37 - 46

The Powerslide ICON Wind Triskate is the pinnacle of inline speed skating performance. A unique collaboration with our sportswear partner, Bio-Racer / Hunter means this is the most aerodynamic inline skating boot in history. Strategically placed air-stripe material is designed to minimize drag. A 100% carbon fiber shell with TRINITY mounting is paired with a Powerslide XXX frame, Matter G13 125mm wheels and Wicked bearings make this Triskate the ultimate race skate. 
Name Wicked Swiss by Jesa
Sealing Z
Material Steel
Lubrication Speed oil, SLR Oil
Type 608 Standard
Name Matter G13 CHR
Wheel size 125mm
Wheel hardness F1 (86a)
Axles Single-axle torx, Aluminum, 8mm
Name Powerslide Triple X TRINITY
Material Aluminum
max wheel size 125 mm
Frame length 325mm/12.8"
Frame adjustable Across, Along, TRINITY
Flexibility of cuff H (Hard)
Material Shell Carbon
Mounting TRINITY (3 Point)
Cut Low
Molding Heat moldable
Closure middle Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure bottom Waxed laces, Cover
Brake optional
Division Speed Competition/Race, Speed
Weight (left/size 41) 1125g
Fit/sizes sizes running smaller than usual