Powerslide Khaan Junior LTD

Item number: 940660

Khaan LTD
Unleash the inner rebel of your kids. With agile dynamics, tremendous support and high-precision handling, this adjustable kid skate is ready to go beyond the everyday skating and commuting and gets the young generation adventurous. What's more, its seamless comfortable liner and stylish design has everything a future star needs. For the first time ever within the Khaan family, it will be available with a high grade injected plastic composite frame for affordable price. Are you ready to break some rules?

Division racing, road racing
Skill intermediate, beginner, advanced
Size Run EU 27-42, EU 27-30 / 31-34 / 35-38 / 39-42
Size attribut adjustable
Extra hardware 2 pc. short single axle, tool hex
Fitting (Width/Length) normal / normal (adjustable)
Type hardboot
Material shell polypropylene
shell heat moldability nein
material upper nylon, vinyl leather
Stiffness boot front high
Flex cuff (back to front) medium
Support cuff (lateral) high
Material cuff polypropylene
45° closure micro adjustabe buckle
Top closure micro adjustabe buckle
Liner two piece cut
Liner top closure no
Mounting standard Unibody
Innersole simple EVA
Ventilation medium
Durability high
Stiffness boot heel high
Front foot closure standard lacing
Model Khaan Jr. Unibody
Material polypropylene
Manufacturing process Unibody injected
Frame length 27-30 = 8,1" (207mm) / 31-34 = 8,6" (219mm) / 35-38 = 9,1" (231mm) / 39-42 = 9,6" (243mm)
Max. wheel size 27-30 = 64mm / 31-34 = 70mm / 35-38 = 72mm / 39-42 = 76mm
Mounting standard Unibody
Axles double axle steel 8mm, hex 4mm
Adjustable side to side no
adjustable front to back no
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM 39-42 = 9,6" (243mm), 35-38 = 9,1" (231mm), 31-34 = 8,6" (219mm), 27-30 = 8,1" (207mm)
Model Powerslide One
Diameter 27-30 = 64mm / 31-34 = 70mm / 35-38 = 72mm / 39-42 = 76mm
Width 24mm
Durometer 85A
Compound cruising comfort
Bearing standard 608 standard
Spacer iron tube spacer, 8mm
Rating ABEC 5
Type 608 standard
Material c-steel
Shield ZZ
Lubrication grease
Model LTD brake
Size brake pad one size