Powerslide Kids Pro Robot (Set)

Item number: 906013

Powerslide Kids Pro Robot set - not just another boring protection set. The Powerslide Kids PRO ROBOT set with its cool shaped hard cap and the trendy design doesn´t just look great, it also fits and protects really well. Kids will love to wear this pre-shaped lightweight protection set during their activities. The padding construction absorbs high impacts for maximum protection and the hard-shell slides on impact. The reflective materials shine bright when spotted by light to enhance safety. Two elastic Velcro straps and a cotton sock sleeve keep the protector in place in case of a fall. The Powerslide Kids Pro set can be used for all kind of action sports like skating, skateboarding or scooter riding. Size: onesize

Size Run XS
Division inline skating, roller skating, skateboarding
Vegan YES
Cap Material knee and elbow Polyethylene
Cap sizes elbow pad one size
Cap sizes kneepad one size
Material upper knee and elbow pad 600D nylon
Material lining knee and elbow pad nylon
Padding knee and elbow pad dual density EVA foam
Material top splint wristguard no
Wristguard size top splint wristguard one size
wristguard size bottom splint wristguard one size
Wristguard material bottom splint/slider Polyethylene
Wristguard material lining nylon
Wristguard top strap nylon
Wristguard middle strap no
Wristguard bottom strap nylon
Material Padding EVA Foam
Material Upper Aero Mesh