Powerslide Nexus Rocker 8,1? 205mm 3x84mm

Item number: 520060

The Nexus rocker 205/84 TRINITY frame is the latest member of the three wheel freestyle frame family. It's the result of feedback we received from our team and Powerslide fans. This frame, the missing link in the Nexus rocker frame family is made for skater with small feet. Three wheels in freestyle skating are a novelty, a revolution, as it was an unspoken rule that skates need to have 4 wheels to be successful. But three wheel freestyle skates with bigger wheels offer more speed in the cones and maintain the speed for longer. They also give you that extra bit of more room on the ground to master certain tricks more easy. TRINITY provides the lowest possible center of gravity and the two wings in the front improve the balance and control over your skates. Three mounting points enhance the power transfer and reactivity for a better skating performance. TRINITY also allows you to check out other skating disciplines as this universal mounting system is used across the entire range of Powerslide frames from racing to fitness, from hockey to SUV or even ice.
Nexus rocker frames are made of 6061 aluminum, extruded and CNC machined including a minimalistic laser print design. With our special axles you can rocker your frame in different ways. Keep just two out of three wheels on the ground or even just one, Rocker your left skate differently than your right skate - nothing is impossible to customize the frame to boost your performance. The 205/3x84mm Rocker frame is made for freestyle skater with small feet. We recommend to use them up to size 38 EU.

Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machined to perfection
Material 6061 aircraft aluminum
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM 77mm
Extrusion double voided
Setup 3x84mm
Mounting standard Trinity 3-point
Axles Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25, single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx + steel rocker double axle 8mm, torx T25
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 8.1" (205mm)
Max. wheel size 84mm
Bearing Spacer AL floating, 8mm, AL tube spacer, 8mm
Spacer built and machined in
Included Accesssories Rocker
Extra Features steel, torx, 15,5mm
Weight 166g
Brake option no brake possible