Powerslide Outback 150

Item number: 908242

Powerslide Outback TRINITY 150 frame - made for thrilling action Are you looking for new challenges? Switching to another skate discipline has never been easier. TRINITY isnīt just the best performing mounting system for inline skates, it`s also compatible with ALL models across our range, so with a single Powerslide Trinity mounting boot you can enjoy all segments of skating at any time. Simply change the frames and youīre ready for anything - fitness, speed, urban, off road, hockey or even ice - TRINITY offers the biggest selection of frames. The Powerslide Outback 150 is the most powerful SUV frame setup in the collection made for extreme use like downhill slopes or BMX trails. But you donīt have to be an adrenaline junkie to skate the Outback. This frame is also suitable for an exhausting endurance full body workout. TRINITY also offers the well known X-slot mounting system which allows you to customize your boot-frame position by shifting the frame from both side to side plus forwards and backwards. The indestructible Outback frame with its three point mounting and the large 150mm tires is perfectly suited to SUV skating. Besides enhanced power transfer and reactivity the Outback SUV frame scores with a super low center of gravity which provides perfect balance, stability and control.

Model Powerslide Outback 150
Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machined to perfection
Material Aluminum
Extrusion double voided
Setup 3x150mm
Mounting standard Trinity 3-point
Axles Two-piece axle, Steel
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 12.9" (328mm)
Max. wheel size 150 mm
Bearing Spacer AL tube, fitting 150mm tires
Spacer built and machined in
Extra Features steel, torx, 15,5mm
Weight 1375g
Brake option new SUV brake
Sold as Pair
Name V-Mart air tire
Diameter 150mm
Width 38mm
Bearing standard 608 standard
Max air pressure 7,0 Bar / 100 PSI
Brand Wicked Twincam SUS Rustproof
Standard 608 standard
Material stainless steel
Material balls steel
Shield 2RZ
Lubrication Kyodo grease
Material cage Nylon