Powerslide Pleasure Tool 110 red

Item number: 908170

POWERSLIDE PLEASURE TOOL Frames - upgrade your skates Powerslide Pleasure Tool frames are perfectly suited for all styles of urban freeskating. They are crafted from extruded double voided 6061 aircraft aluminium, CNC machined to perfection. The super stiff construction lends itself for an exceptional power transfer. It´s length makes the frame very agile. The middle wheel is positioned slightly off center, shifted slightly to the rear for better control in speed slalom. The frame is equipped with 7075 aluminium single axles. Each pair come complete with all hardware, a torx tool and are available in three different colorways: red, blue and black. This frame comes in a bright red color. This frame comes in 246mm length and fits max. 110mm wheels. You need a brake? Check out our Powerslide Urban brake in size large which is especially made for 3x110mm frames!

Axles Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25
Model Powerslide Pleasure Tool 246mm 3x110mm
Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machined to perfection
Max. wheel size 110 mm
Material Aluminum
Mounting standard 2-point 165mm
Frame length 9.7" (246mm)
Extrusion double voided
Setup 3x110mm
Bearing spacer AL floating spacer, 8mm
Frame spacer built and machined in
Mounting hardwear steel, torx, 15,5mm
Weight 214g
Brake option Urban brake size L
Extras Spacer included, Axles included, Tool included, Center wheel off Set
Sold as Pair