Powerslide Roadrunner 150 mm

Item number: 900670

Powerslide Roadrunner wheels - go big! You skate mainly on asphalt with your off road skates but want to go faster? Simply replace your 150mm tires with the Powerslide Roadrunner 150mm PU-wheels and off you go! The wheel includes an extra spacer which needs to be placed on both sides of the wheel for assembly, because the core is slightly narrower than the rim of the tires. The wheel features a strong and durable glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFK) core. The polyurethane is fast and grips well in dry conditions.

Name Powerslide Roadrunner
Division Nordic
Diameter 150mm
Hardness 83A
Width 35mm
Radius Round
Bearing standard 608 standard
Packaging Qty Per piece