Powerslide Samurai

Item number: 904478

The Powerslide Samurai inline speed skate is ready to strike. Our tightest and most aggressive fitting racing boot ever, the Samurai is designed specifically for skaters who have smaller ankles. A tight fit ensures that all the power is being transferred with every push. A 100% carbon fiber shell, that is totally heat moldable means they can be perfect fit. These Triskates come with XXX frames, 3x125mm Matter G13 wheels and Wicked Swiss bearings: Faster, lighter & above all, more agile.
Material Shell 100% carbon fiber
Molding Heat moldable
Construction Speedskate
Cut Low
top closure Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
middle foot closure Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
front foot closure Waxed laces, velcro fastener
mounting standard 2-Point 195mm
Material Aluminum 7005
Frame length 12.8" (325mm)
max wheel size 125 mm
Axles single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25
Frame adjustable Across, Along
Name Matter G13 CHR
Wheel size 125mm
Wheel hardness 86a, F1 (86a)
Name Wicked Swiss by Jesa
Type 608 Standard
Material Steel
Lubrication Speed oil, SLR Oil
Sealing RZ
Division Speed Competition/Race, Speed
Sex Men, Women
Size EU 37-46, US 5-12
Weight 1186g
Brake optional
Vegan YES