Powerslide World Cup Trinity

Item number: 904805

shoe size: 40 - 45

The Powerslide World Cup Triskate is designed specifically for the ambitious endurance athlete who focuses on long distance training and racing. With top of the line features like our pain free shell and TRINITY mounting, paired with Powerslides XXX frame, IMAGE 125mm wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings, this Triskate will change the game.
Name Wicked Abec 9
Sealing RZ
Material Steel
Lubrication Kyodo Grease
Type 608 Standard
Name Matter Image
Wheel size 125mm
Wheel hardness F1 (86a)
Axles Single-axle torx, Aluminum, 8mm
Material Aluminum
max wheel size 125 mm
Frame length 318mm/12.5"
Frame adjustable Across, Along, TRINITY
Construction Hybrid (built in liner)
Flexibility of cuff H (Hard)
Liner Custom Fit Foam
Material Shell glass-fiber, Composite
Mounting TRINITY (3 Point)
Cut High
Molding No
Closure middle Disc fastener BOA
Brake optional
Division Speed, Training & Endurance, Powerskating
Sex Men, Women
Weight (left/size 41) 1525g
Fit/sizes sizes running true to size