Powerslide X-Skate Junior

Item number: 904475

The Powerslide X-Skate for junior skaters is here and offers everything that young champions need to reach greatness. As with all skates in the X-Skate family it combines exceptional quality with unrivalled performance. Featuring a X-Frame that will accommodate three or four wheels, Powerslide Infinity wheels and Wicked ABEC 7 bearings. 

Name Wicked Abec 7
Sealing RZ
Material Steel
Lubrication Grease
Type 608 Standard
Name Powerslide Infinity
Wheel size 80mm, 84mm, 90mm, varies by size
Wheel hardness 85a
Axles Single-axle torx, Aluminum, 8mm
Name Powerslide X Frame
Material Aluminum
Frame length 255mm/10.0", 274mm/10.8", varies by shoe size
Frame adjustable Across, Along
Construction Speedskate
Flexibility of cuff H (Hard)
Liner removable, Neoprene
Material Shell Basalt, Composite
Mounting 2-Point 165mm
Cut Low
Molding Heat moldable
Closure middle velcro fastener, Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure top Micro adjustable ratchet buckle
Closure bottom velcro fastener, Waxed laces
Brake optional
Division Kids, Speed
Weight (left/size 41) 1060g
Fit/sizes sizes running true to size