Powerslide XXX4 110 - 13.2 Titanium Blue

Item number: 904539

With the Powerslide XXX4 110 - 13.2 Titanium Blue frame, we just put our legendary Triple X frame on a diet. This now 190g frame is more than 10% lighter than the previous version but still keeps the same stiffness after the collaboration work between our engineer and designer and professional team members Sandrine Tas and Felix Rijhnen. Produced by extruding and CNC machining the highest quality aerospace aluminum, we ensure the frame meets the performance demands of the world's best racers. We have been able to maintain an extremely stiff frame for maximum power transfer while being lighter than ever before in XXX frame history. With a length of 13.2," this top-notch frame can host wheels with a maximum diameter of 110mm. The frame is Pitch and Stride Control compatible.

Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machining
Material AL 7003 aircraft
Setup 4x110mm
Mounting standard 2-point 195mm
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 13,2" / 335mm
Max. wheel size 110 mm
Warranty 2 years