Powerslide Zoom Black 80

Item number: 880256

With the Powerslide ONE Zoom 80 we offer a hardboot urban Skates at a very competitive price for everybody! The main difference of the Zoom to his big brother, the Zoom Pro, is the mounting system. The Zoom comes with an extruded, stamped and CNC machined frame riveted to the boot. The skates are light weight and supportive, yet comfortable to skate also for longer sessions, making this skate ideal and big fun for beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters. A stable platform of 4x80mm PU-wheels combined with long lasting Wicked bearings will make you cruise the city with ease.

Division allround, fitness
Skill intermediate, advanced, beginner
Weight 1000g (size 31-34)
Warranty 2 years
Type hardboot
Material shell polypropylene
skate height in cm 26cm (size 31-34)
Flex cuff (back to front) medium
Support cuff (lateral) medium
Material cuff polpropylene
45° closure velcro strap / standard lacing
Liner top closure no
Durability medium
Model Powerslide SQD
Material 6061 aircraft aluminum
Frame length 27-30 = 8,1" (207mm) / 31-34 = 8,6" (219mm) / 35-38 = 9,1" (231mm) / 39-42 = 9,6" (243mm)
Mounting standard 2-point 129mm, 145mm, 165mm, 180mm
Axles single axle steel 8mm, hex 4mm
Adjustable side to side yes
adjustable front to back no
Standing Height Front / Rear in MM 9,6" (243mm)
Model Powerslide Hurricane
Width 24mm
Durometer 85A
Compound cruising comfort
Bearing standard 608 standard
Spacer iron tube spacer, 8mm
Brand WCD Wicked
Rating ABEC 7
Type 608 standard
Shield ZZ
Lubrication grease
Model SQD brake