REIGN Helios

Item number: 120001

Reign Helios - reinventing the game. The REIGN Helios is the flagship and ultimate weapon. This hockey Triskate is the new definition of playing the game. Faster, lighter and cutting edge. Hockey is all about speed, agility, control. The patented 3-point TRINITY mounting enables you to customize the frame position under your boot to fit perfectly to your individual skating skills and needs. As a result, you have more power and control in every second of the game. This light weight carbon composite boot is also amazingly comfortable thanks to our unique 3-D Recall padding. In addition, the 100mm Prime Tribune indoor wheels offers you a perfect grip. With the Helios you will dominate and control the game.
Model Prime Tribune indoor made in USA
Type Hybrid carbon
Material shell carbon composite
Heat moldability upper with 100°C
Material upper nano- & polyurethane-leather, leather, welded kevlar wires
Flex cuff (back to front) medium to high
Material cuff built in endoskeleton cuff
Top closure Waxed laces
45° closure waxed laces
Front foot closure Waxed laces
Liner built in liner with Recall memory fit and antislip microfiber lining
Liner top closure waxed lacing
Mounting standard TRINITY 3-point
Innersole EVA skatesole
Model Powerslide Katana Rocker
Material Aluminum
Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machined to perfection
Frame length 8.5" (215mm)
Max. wheel size 100 mm
Mounting Trinity 3-point
Axles single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx +  rocker double steel axle 8mm, torx
Division high end Indoor
Diameter 100mm
Durometer 74a
Bearing standard 608 standard
Width 24mm
Brand WCD Wicked 
Classification Abec 9
Type 608 Standard
Material Chrome steel
Shield RZ
Lubrication lightgrease
Model no brake possible
Division hockey
Skill expert
Size EU 40-47, US 7-13
Size attribute single
Fit/sizes normal / normal
Vegan no
Extra hardware Tool - T25 torx