REIGN Kronos

Item number: 120000

Reign Kronos - The indoor trooper. The REIGN Kronos is an indoor trooper! This cutting-edge hockey Triskate puts your game on a new level. The Kronos is faster, more reactive and lighter. Hockey is all about speed, agility, control. The customizable frame features the patented 3-point TRINITY mounting and the 3x100mm setup creating the most explosive, fastest and agile skate you have ever seen. This ultra-light weight carbon and glass-fiber boot fits like a second skin providing maximum support and comfort. The Prime Tribune 100mm indoor wheels offers you a great good grip and roll. With the Kronos you will be ahead of your competitors.
Model Prime Tribune indoor made in USA
Type Hybrid carbon
Material shell glass-fiber & carbon
Heat moldability upper with 100°C
Material upper nano- & polyurethane-leather, leather, welded kevlar wires
Flex cuff (back to front) medium to high
Material cuff built in endoskeleton cuff
Top closure Waxed laces
45° closure waxed laces
Front foot closure Waxed laces
Liner built in liner with Recall memory fit and antislip microfiber lining
Liner top closure waxed lacing
Mounting standard TRINITY 3-point
Innersole EVA skatesole
Model Powerslide Ego TRINITY
Material Aluminum
Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machined to perfection
Frame length 8.5" (215mm)
Max. wheel size 100 mm
Mounting Trinity 3-point
Axles Single axle, AL 7075, 8mm, torx T25
Division high end Indoor
Diameter 100mm
Durometer 74a
Bearing standard 608 standard
Width 24mm
Brand WCD Wicked 
Classification Abec 9
Type 608 Standard
Material Chrome steel
Shield RZ
Lubrication lightgrease
Model no, optional Road Hog brake
Size brake pad no, optional one size
Division hockey
Skill expert
Size EU 40-47, US 7-13
Size attribute single
Fit/sizes normal / normal
Vegan no
Extra hardware Tool - T25 torx