Product-No: 904480

SIZE: 37-46 EU / 5-13 US

A new look for 2017. The Core ICON has been dominating the podium for many years at the biggest events around the world, and now it has an updated new look.



MyFit is specialized in personal fitting and improves and perfects the comfort and fit of your skates. MyFit offers various items to customize the performance of your skates or to upgrade them. Our MyFit liner can be heat molded and will adapt completely to the shape of your feet guaranteeing a perfect and snug fit. Check out the other MyFit items. MyFit makes the skate to YOUR skate!




Heat moldable carbon fiber material

We reduced the shell of the new Icon racing shoe to the minimum to reach the maximum performance. The shell is made of 100% carbonfiber material. Strategically placed unidirectional carbonfiber layer as well as Kevlar reinforcements enhance the stiffness of the shell. We kept the 6k carbon outer layer of the Icon shell for two reasons. First of all 6k carbon fiber has 2 times more fibers per squaremeter than regular 3k carbon and therefor improves the stiffness and stability of the shell which means you have a better power transfer. And the other reason is that it just looks cool and different. Also new is MyFit technology with is a revolutionary heat molding process than ensures that the skater can shape the boot to their feet. Need to redo it? No problem with MyFit technology it can be done as many times as needed.


Finest materials for our high performance boot

The ICON has a new design which is made up of the finest materials possible to ensure that not only is it a high performance boot, it also will be strong enough to last the countless laps which are needed to reach your goals. The upper is made up of a mix of perforated and normal PU leather, long lasting and light weight. The lining is made of our famous microfiber which is designed to be comfortable and keep your feet as dry as possible.


More comfortable than any other boot

Our new 3D anatomical padding is placed strategically around the ankle and tendon area of the shoe to assure the most secure ankle and heel fit. The new Poron padding is not taking away space inside the shoe where you would need it, but fills up the empty spaces to give more comfort and control. Poron PU were originally designed for medical purposes to provide custom foam cushioning and comfort which is essential. We chose a slow recovery urethane for our racing shoes – a unique custom contouring material. This material rebounds slowly when compressed, which results in a custom fit during each use.
Features of Poron are:
– shock absorbing to protect against impacts
– breathable to keep feet dry and cool
– maintains cushioning for maximum performance
– lightweight and flecible for continuous comfort
This makes the boot more comfortable than any other boot.


Adjustable ratchet buckle to optimize the power transfer

To ensure a good fit the Icon skate uses waxed laces and a “Icon” micro adjustable ratchet buckle, which holds your foot perfectly in place and giving the skater a nice supportive and safe feeling, which is needed to optimize the power transfer.

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