SIZES: 12.8

Triple X frames – no matter which generation – are “medal collectors”! You want to be fast? You want to win? The Triple X frame is the tool to reach your aims easier. The frame is super stiff, reactive, well balanced and on top also very cool looking.

Frame Sizes:

12.8 – 3×110/1×100

Length: 325mm

Height: 41,5mm

Mounting: 195mm




The Triple X3 frame has a unique X-extrusion. You can find the “X” integrated in all three dimensions of the frame – in the longitudinal profile, in the sidewalls, and also in the bridges. The “X” is known as a very strong construction that you can find everywhere since millions of years in the nature of our earth, in modern architecture and engineering.


Aluminium alloys are alloys in which aluminium (Al) is the predominant metal. The typical alloying elements are copper, magnesium, manganese, silicon and zinc. The 7005 aluminium we use for the Triple X3 frame contains more zinc and has a higher tensile strength than 6000 series aluminium; important for the strength and rigidity of the frames. The frame is also T6 heat treated.


The X-Box Design™ is a unique construction of the frame. It adds strength to the frame where needed and reduces the overall weight as much as possible. This frame is loved by skater who like super stiff and responsive frames. All generations of Triple X frames were standing out from the masses due to their extravagant construction, machining and design. The Triple X3 frames have been put to a new level! The big sidecuts and sharp contours of the frame give the frame an outstanding and recognizable look which is underlined by the additional CNC milling, and stylish laser prints of the frame. The keywords for this premium performance frame are:
– X-tra stiff
– X-tra light
– X-tra fast
The Triple X3 frame features the 195mm standard mounting. It comes with single axles with torx head featuring first class laser prints. The torx head has the advantage that the axles do not go round too easy compared with regular hex axles. Triple x3 frames have some CNC cuts around the front and rear mounting block to fit our Pitch & Stride Control. The combination of the across slot in the frame and the along slot in our boots is called the X-Slot Mounting. This system enables the skater to adjust the boot-frame setup without any dead spots according to his skating style and preferences.