Product-No: 940152 (set) / 940149 (knee) / 940150 (elbow) / 940151 (wrist)


The “Phuzion” Set protects you with style. It´s a light weight protective gear set which offers a great body clima due to the breathable materials in tandem with the Cool MaxTM lining. It´s very comfortable to wear. The padding is replaceable and washable. The memory closure system is super convenient – once you adjusted it to your size you never have to worry about it anymore. The Phuzion set offers maximum safety and has been successfully tested according to the European DIN-norm for personal protective gear.




Powerslide “Phuzion” knee- and elbow pads have an anatomically shaped body for perfect and snug fit. The outside material is made of super light weight 600D nylon air-mesh material giving the protector a sportive and dynamic look. The Cool Max™ lining keeps the body fresh and is very comfortable to wear. One special feature of the protector is the Easy Clip Strap System. The two stretchable closure straps can be adjusted in length to the individual need of the user. This memory fit system keeps its length at all time and doesn´t need to be adjusted again. The straps are simply clipped into the receptor. The open back construction also offers a comfortable climate.
The open back design of the wristguard allows the fresh air to touch the user’s skin to optimize the comfort during skating. Cool Max™ lining also helps to improve the body climate. The double strap fixation keeps the wristguard firmly on the user’s hand.


The anatomically shaped cap of the knee and elbow pads are made of high impact resistant PE-material. Air ventilation to cool your body during skating is provided by holes which are integrated into the cap.
The anatomically shaped splint of the wristguard is also made of high impact resistant PE-material.


The Phuzion protective gear set protects you perfectly. Knee and elbow pads are featuring high quality dual density EVA foams which help to minimize the impact of a fall. The foam comes with big holes to let the air breath through giving you a nice fresh feeling during skating. The anatomically formed knee donut keeps your knee in place and avoids slipping.
The wristguard is featuring high impact EVA foams to minimize the impact.


Available as 3-set or single items

EN 14120:2003+A1:2007