We love to skate! This also includes skateboarding in all its forms and segments. Woodpekker offers a wide line of all types of skateboards, covering all your needs for decks, trucks & rock ´n´ roll! From classic high end pin tail shaped Choke cruiser boards, kickflip lovin´ Canadian maple layered Volten street decks, crazy fast downhill Standard trucks, flexible & fun plastic longboards called Large Lars, to colorful and super lightweight Jucy Susi vinyl shortboards, Woodpekker has it all!

Here we have added a super strong and stiff carbon longboard, the "Holynowood", equipped with the best parts from the industry - Standard trucks,
Volten wheels and Wicked bearings. This board is super responsive, strong and light.
The new longboard shape, the "Lower Eastside", offers a new unique shape includes a longer trick tail and kick, power pedals for easy slides and super low profile for ultimate control. Following the trend of cruisers we have made some new shapes in aluminum and wood. These developed shapes are more concave and added wheel wells. The Aluminum Vanguard boards come laser printed making these boards look extra classy and limited editions. The wood Venice Beach crusier has denim added as 'grip tape' making it look awesome.

Our main focus for Choke has been on the new "Spicy Sabrina" cruiser board which we offer in the "Elite" version incl. an aluminum reinforcement bar. It has the perfect shape, size and nice kick. The Spicy Sabrina and the "Elite" version are possible the coolest and best cruiser boards ever. Our Juicy Susi and "Big Jim" boards have been updated with new facelift and new look. We added grip tape and followed the design of the new Spicy Sabrina boards. Lots of new colors and designs have been added to these new boards. Also we added a new longboard shape, the "Lowboy" mold, which offers a new unique shape including longer trick tail and kick, power pedals for easy slides and super low profile for ultimate control.

Standard Trucks:
The collection has been updated with the new Quicky System on the forged longboard truck, the new "Bergeisen" Truck. The best of the best just got better and is making life easier by exchanging all for wheels in just seconds. It is like a F1 pit stop, roll in, change the wheels and cruise again
with a new setup. On top of this we made a new mold for a cruiser truck, the "Brechstange", light and strong, simple yet technically advanced. The 30° baseplate and angle makes it possible to turn quickly yet have a stable ride. This is the perfect new truck for all those cruisers. On top of that we added some new teamriders, check out of social media pages.