Through those darker months of the year, shorter days and longer nights make finding time to skate a challenge. For some of us though, skating in the morning or at night can be far more advantageous, given our work and social lives.

Skating in the morning allows us to kick start things and energise ourselves for the day, whilst commuting to work and ticking that daily exercise box. Skating at night relieves any pent up stress from the day, whilst commuting home and building up your appetite for dinner.

Night skating also allows us the time to skate together with our friends and get that midweek fix. Whilst skating in the dark can be a liberating and invigorating experience, it is essential to remain safe, become more aware of your surroundings and the conditions. Selecting well lit routes and and also being well lit yourself is the safest option.

Powerslide is the only company in the industry offering a whole range of products specifically designed for safe night skating.

powerslide Fothon

Introducing FOTHON, the next generation of night skating safety. The FOTHON LIGHT WHEELS are packed full of bright LED lights which are powered by the kinetic energy of your skating, no batteries required!

FOTHON wheels are the most effective safety solution to your night sessions, illuminating your path and making others aware of your presence. LIGHT YOUR RIDE!

PS Fothon light your ride

Fothon wheels are available in white, red, green and blue and in all sizes between 72- 125mm. The 2017 Fothon Magic wheels have a reworked core and use the highest quality urethane available providing the best in performance, durability and visibility.

The first range of Powerslide Fothon light wheels were considered one of the most revolutionary innovations of the last ten years for inline skating. The best just got better! Le- gions of skaters around the world are lighting their rides with Fothon wheels.

Powerslide Fothon led light tubes

The Powerslide LIGHT YOUR RIDE range also includes a line of FOTHON LED LIGHT TUBES,
our specially designed night skate: The POWERSLIDE V. TRINITY 100 RADIUM WHITE, with full reflective details.

The entire range is designed and crafted with your safety in mind. POWERSLIDE also recom- mends the use of additional reflective clothing such as jackets and beanies for maximum safety.

Powerslide Fothon refletive laces
Powerslide V. Trinity 100 Radium White with reflective details
PS Fothon light wheels
PS Fothon light wheels

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