A new empire to conquer: Inline Hockey! Dominate the game on Reign Hockey inline skates. Powerslide proudly presents the highly anticipated release of Reign with a full 3 wheel skate line, equipped with our newly developed super low Trinity Mounting, grippy and long lasting Prime wheels and crazy fast Wicked bearings. Taking advantage of 20+ years of skate manufacturing knowledge, Reign skates provide optimized comfort, 100% control & are hand made to perfection for your professional roller hockey needs.

When on Reign Hockey skates, the competition will not be able to keep up with you. Never before has a hockey skate been so specifically designed, developed and constructed to max out the performance on the court. Reign Triskates unify new innovations and new technologies to the fastest, most dynamic game on inline skates. Reign features the amazing Trinity mounting. Trinity features 3 mounting points between the boot and frame.

These strategically placed points are designed to maximize the power transfer and increase maneuverability while being lower to the ground for even more control. The Trinity mount combined with 3 wheels will magnify those benefits. A strict use of high quality materials like the 100% compression molded carbon shells, the perfectly shaped Recall Fit padding layers for pure comfort and the big grippy & fast Prime wheels make our skates stand out from the crowd and assure a skating experience you where waiting for all your life. Reign has all the weapons needed to conquer your adversaries.