Product-No: 908144

SIZE: 36-46 EU / 3-12 US

The Powerslide XC Trail off-road inline skate takes you everywhere. Comfortable liners & big 150mm air tires absorb most of the skating vibration, keeping your muscles fresh for longer. It´s the ideal sport device for a full body workout, mixing inline skating & all-terrain cross country skiing. You can easily put in 150mm PU-wheels for a faster roll. A rigid & supportive hard shell nordic skate for all season!




Composite fiber – Metropolis shell


PS XC Trail stamped AL


150mm air tire


Wicked freespin ABEC 5

More Specs

The shell is very rigid and gives a lot of support especially to nordic skating beginner. This solid shell also protects the skaters feet from any heavy impacts that might occur during off road skating. The shell is made out of a special composite compound that is very stiff thanks to the 10% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. It features a 165mm long mounting distance including an across slot which enables the skater to adjust the frame frames to the side in order to find the perfect skating position. The bottom is ventilated.

The cuff was designed with support in mind. It is made out of a special composite compound that is super stiff thanks to the 10% fiberglass, which was mixed into the material. The buckle is a clean and stylish fast lock buckle.

This 3-D stamped 6061 aircraft aluminium frame is a two piece construction. Added frame spacer give the frame its stiffness and rigidity durability, by keeping the weight low at the same time. The frame features two composite aluminium blocks that are in a 165mm standard mounting-distance. The frame fits various fitness skate models so that customization is possible. The frame uses 8mm axles. Fenders in the front and the back can be assembled as accessories.

The 6 ¼” air tires are made by Innova – a well known manufacturer for tires. They come with a 5 spoke rim. The rubber outer jacket is reinforced with Vectran fibers adding strength to the jacket. The tire has an off road profile for better grip. The tires are inflateable up to maximum 6,3bar / 90 psi. We also offer 150mm Super High Rebound PU wheels for those skaters who like to skate mainly on asphalted roads and like to have more speed.

WICKED (WCD) is a new high end bearing brand specializing in all kinds of rolling sport. WCD is made of the best available raw materials and crafted with high quality to guarantee a fast and smooth ride but also a long lifetime. WCD ABEC 5 bearings have a very good and smooth spin. The bearing contains 7 chrome steel balls and a light weight but resistant nylon cage. One side is covered by a non contact rubber coated RZ shield. A synthetic oil from Japan is used for this high end bearing. For more information check out the Wicked website under: www.wicked-hardware.com


Simple and solid buckle system


Removable liner for extra comfort


Adjustable brake system



This model features a simple and solid buckle closure system and standard laces, which are easy to grip. Easy to get in and out of the skates.

This skate comes with a removable and washable liner. The thin outsole of the liner even enables the skater to walk if certain circumstances require it. The liner features unique 3 layer padding, harder foam on the outside, softer foam on the inside and an additional 3-D latex foam in the ankle area for a perfect ankle and heel look to increase support during every stride. Under the lining we added a soft sponge foam for extra comfort and support.

The material of the “brake stamp” of the cuff brake has been changed to aluminium in order to improve the metering. The brake offers a lot of possibilities to adjust to the individual’s preferences and skating skills. This provides the skater with a secure feeling and optimal braking function. The skater has the possibility to adjust the brake to the angle they feel comfortable. The height adjustment function is perfect to find the preferred personal braking position, with a straighter leg or more angled legs. The skate comes with one brake system only. The skater has the option purchase an additional brake system if they feel more secure with one brake on each skate.

Skating off road and in the wet is fun, but can also be a very dirty affair. The Powerslide composite fender protects the athlete perfectly when skating in wet conditions.