powerslide XXX4 100 195mm black/gold

Item number: 904554

The XXX4 family is growing with this new size available. Younger athletes can now feel the highest performance feeling with this 4X100mm frame. The 12,0? size is the best compromise of stability and reactivity. If you like to take any line on the track, this frame will help you to pass inside and outside like no other. Produced by extruding and CNC machining the highest quality aerospace aluminum, we ensure the frame meets the performance demands from the world's best racers.

Manufacturing process extruded and CNC machining
Material AL 7003 aircraft
Setup 3x100mm
Mounting standard 2-point 195mm
Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM) 13,2" / 335mm
Max. wheel size 110 mm
Weight 180g
Warranty 2 years