Itīs time to rollerskate everywhere with Chaya Skates! From the success of Soy Luna and Chicks in Bowls to booming roller derby rinks and thousands of california beach rollers, roller skating is on the rise, so itīs time for you to shine bright, girls! Grab your best friends, strap on those sexy Chaya boots and roll with lots of style, pure elegance, endless fun and unmatched comfort! Head over to Chaya Skates, the Powerslide department of specialized high quality roller derby, park / tricks and lifestyle roller skates.

Chaya is a part of the Powerslide skating universe, where we have a long history in roller skating. Powerslide is known for top notch inline skates, but our foundation was built on roller skates. Chaya as our pure rollerskating brand is strongly focused on offering the very best roller skates for all kinds of skating. No matter if you want to do big tricks in the park, prove yourself in the roller derby rink or just push through your city in vintage style, we got all your needs covered with our products. Comfort is a main point in our design philosophy, so we create all Chaya products with features our competition can only dream of. Heat moldable materials, true female foot shapes and pressure adjustable layers of padding make sure that your rolling experience will be as comfy as it gets.
When you are giving 100%, than you demand the same from your hardware. Thatīs why we constantly push and develop new innovations to make the skates better and better every year. Our Dual Center Mount system, our new Quicky Axle system and the first mastering of the Clip Axle are just some perfect examples for our restless product development. All these innovations aim to make life easier for skaters worldwide, so that you can spend more time on the good side of life, on your skates!