Ride without rules on your Worx scooter! Established in the last years, scootering now is a very popular sport & a major player in urban mobility. Worx is developed with a clear mission to offer human powered scooters in the best quality for all main segements: for stunts, for transport and for fun. Each segment has its own characteristics: big & fast wheels for commuters, simple & effective folding mechanisms for easy & safe transportation or rigid & durabel components for skatepark tricks.

Besides the fun you have riding your Worx scooter, it even gets better: a fully eco friendly exercise! You create zero emission, zero pollution and get a free & healthy fitness workout while pushing through your city. Scooters are great to commute, both for adults and children. Save some time to work or school by rolling fast on big high quality PU wheels instead of walking slow. Cruise around the beach promenades with your friends or practice that new trick in your skatepark. Throw the folded scooters in your trunk and take your kids out for a fun scoot around the park, they will love it! Whatever you do, just get on your Worx scooter and ride on. That´s what it is for!